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Mar 14, 2018


I am using Storyline 360 to create a test that is causing me a lot of problems:

  • The test has three different sections, two with 30 questions, and one with 40.
  • In order to pass, the test taker needs to earn a minimum of  60% on each section AND 67% overall.
  • The problem is that, when I publish the test, I am given the option to report only ONE results slide, when I really need data on FOUR (one result slide per section, plus an overall results slide).
  • Our LMS company said that our platform does not provide a workaround (such as allowing us to run a report to pull data from specific slides).  
  • Does anyone have any ideas about how to set up one result slide to capture both pass conditions (60% per section and 67% overall)?

Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Scarlett.  You hit the nail on the head - Storyline can track one results slide.  The most common way to manage this situation is by having the final results slide track the other results slide, and report a single, final score.

Since your reporting needs are a bit custom, I'll defer to the community for some workaround ideas!

Some things to consider:  If learners don't pass an individual section, what do you want to happen?  Could you instead restrict navigation to the next section?  I'd think of ways where using just the one overall score would be enough of an indicator of success.  Good luck!

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