Quiz outside a course


Imagine we have a course made in html5 directly with scorm ans all pf this, but we have ti use the articulate quiz as the quiz of the course, an launched by click an hyperlink as a normal web.

Is any way to connect both to refer the sae course in the scorm. Combining in any way the imanifest file or anothe file or way?


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Dennis Hall

Hi Juanjo:

The safest answer is to can create the course in your LMS as 2 modules where Module 1 (the Storyline course) is a prerequisite of module 2 (the quiz), however, they can be combined if you want to create a MultiSCO using 3rd. party products such as Reload.

I do, however, recommend you use the LMS modular suggestion first - to avoid headaches.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall