Quiz pool question

Jul 13, 2016

I have a client that requests a draw of 3 questions from a pool of 10.  The learner has to get 3 questions correct.  When the learner gets a question wrong, the pool should serve up another random question.  Continue until three are correct.

Is this possible in SL2?


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Phil Mayor

I am disabling Storylines ability to report using 

ReportStatus=function(){ //since we don't want Storyline to overwrite our scoring... let's overwrite that $#it. }

and then using 

//get LMS API var player=GetPlayer(); var currentscore=player.GetVar("Percentage"); var lmsAPI = parent; //set score; the first number is the score lmsAPI.SetScore(currentscore, 100, 0); if(currentscore<100){ SetStatus("incomplete"); }else{ SetStatus("completed"); }

to set score and status


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