Results drawn in cornerstone LMS


I have a course that has a question pooling on 30 questions - the way it is broken up is (bare with me ) 10 question pool draw with 3 questions in each everytime randomly drawing 1 question from each question pool draw giving a total of 10 questions.

It is using Storyline 3 with html only and scorm2004.

My question is I am getting results like this


I understand

QuestionDraw41 - is the 5th pool draw

Slide2 - Is the second question in that specific pool

put I would like to know what MultiChoice_1_160 refers to I have results going up to as far as 251.


Thank you


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Lisa! 

I had to do some digging on this one because I had never seen those numbers before!

When you found Scene6_QuestionDraw41_Slide2_MultiChoice_1_160, was that for a single user, or combined data for all learners?

The number 1 indicates the quiz was attempted 1 time, and the number 160 indicates that the question was attempted 160 times.