Quiz Question - Remove Submit Button?

The training I am working on has a transparent player with no Next or Previous buttons.  Everything is built within the slide through inserting buttons and hotspots.  I am using a question bank for the quiz questions and can not quite figure out to remove the player's Submit button for each question.  I would like manually insert the submit buttons into each slide.  Any insight would be great.


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Kendra Kernen

I don't believe the select all function works on question banks. I want to get rid of the PREV button on all my slides, but even when I select all in the view shown, then click off the checkmark for Prev in the Slide Navigation Controls, it turns it off only for the first slide. So I'm doing them one by one by one ...

If anyone knows how or if there is a way to really do this global change for question banks, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

Leslie McKerchie

You are correct Kendra! The slides within a question bank must be done one at a time. You can see some similar documentation here where you can select a slide, change settings, and repeat.

If you wish for this to be a feature, you are welcome to share your thoughts with our product development team here.