Quiz questions - can't reset results

May 15, 2014

i have a few topics with quizzes launched from a home page; problem is when i complete a quiz and go back to the home page & click the quiz i just completed i want it to start afresh -  at the moment i can't reattempt that quiz again and it's just giving me next & back button - where the functionality is broken! it goes to random pages but by enabling instant retry and never having these next & back button appears should rectify this problem.

the users are just completing practice questions so nothing needs to be saved.

i have a trigger on each of the results pages to reset results when timeline starts - i have tried both selecting the object as the slide and also as an object to no avail.

your help would be much appreciated i am highlight stressed and this is due end of day!



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Antony Snow

Hi Jackie,

You will need to ensure that you set the properties of the question slide(s) to reset to initial state when the user revisits them to ensure that their previous answers/selections are removed when they re-attempt the quiz.

Assuming that you have a button on the results slide that branches back to the home page after the quiz, I would add your trigger that resets the results to this button (you will need to update the action from when timeline starts to when user clicks) and move it above the trigger that jumps to the home page - triggers are executed from top to bottom so you will want to reset the results BEFORE the user returns to home page.

I hope this helps


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