Quiz Questions not responding to answer

I have a tutorial with quiz questions.  Every time I publish it SOME of the questions don't allow the user to answer - it just doesn't respond.  It's not always the same questions - a question will work fine one time I publish and not work the next time.  Do I need to just keep on publishing until I get a version that works?  Is there something specific I can look for?  I'm publishing to Review 360.

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Jerry Beaucaire

I noticed at the beginning of the final quiz you say there will be 11 questions worth 1 pt each.  But then you do 9 draws, not 11.   So that may be where the 2 missing points are.

Also, couldn't you just do a single draw of 11 questions, instead of 11 separate draws?

Checking the course on Review next.

Jean Luyben

I need the questions to be in that order.  If you look at each draw, you'll see that some of them select 2/3 or 1/2 questions.

I fixed one of the points, so it now adds up to 19/20.  I think I've identified which question it is, because it acts oddly, but I can't figure out why it's doing that.  It's Q5.5 WhereCatBooks.  Instead of moving on to the next slide when I click CONTINUE, it shows the COMPLETED layer.  I don't think it's tracking that grade.

Jean Luyben

The problem with the questions not responding to user input seems to come and go, and perhaps is affected by the browser.  When I run into the problem, I close the tutorial and when I try it again it works.  It hasn't happened in Chrome yet, but it has in Firefox.  I think I've managed to publish to my MLS with all the questions responding, but the best grade I can get is still 19/20.

Jerry Beaucaire

I tried your course in both IE and Chrome and none of the questions stalled, I got a perfect score (18 since two questions are missing).

Try my previous suggestion... replace the 9 separate draws at the end with one draw of 11 randomized questions.  See if maybe that is contributing to the issues you're experiencing.  Sorry I haven't been able to duplicate the issue.

Jerry Beaucaire

For testing, I usually put an onscreen Results.Score  on each slide (or in the Feedback Master) so I can watch the points increase as I go and spot which slides are not scoring correctly.  When I am done I remove those variable boxes.

I see that you want some questions randomized and others to be the exact question.   I'm not 100% confident of the QB usage, so in your scenario I would normally put the questions into the course directly for any questions that aren't randomized, then only do a draw for those few questions where I want it to randomize each time.   But that's just personal taste.

Hmm, still looking.

Jerry Beaucaire

Nah. You can cut them out of the QB and paste them permanently into position, probably less plumbing overall.  Normally I would say leave it since it is already setup, but since it's not working, it may be worth the test to reduce the number of "draws".

Still not seeing any questions that "stall" when I try it.

Jerry Beaucaire

Grr, I ran it in FireFox and got the 19/20 score this time, and none of the questions stalled for me in any way.   Not able to see the behavior your describing.

Perhaps a quick note to support@articulate.com with a link to this discussion to draw their attention.   Sorry I'm not able to see any issues with it.