Quiz questions unavailable for re-entry/retry

Mar 08, 2019

Hi all,

I'm unable to re-enter quiz answers when I navigate back to the quiz page:

  • when I successfully answer the question (and 'pass') and navigate back to the quiz page (A user might decide to do the module (scene) again.)
  • when I answer the question incorrectly (and 'fail') and click on a button that I created that jumps back to the quiz page.

Having read a bunch of posts here I can't figure out what's happening.  

I set the slide properties to 'reset to initial state'.

Any help appreciated.


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Bennie Naude

Thank you Phil and Noel, much appreciated.

I'm either missing something or didn't explain my issue well.

User should have unlimited tries when they click on a button that I created (i.e. I'm not using Storyline360's built-in 'retry' functionality.)

As you suggested

  • I defined a variable called 'attempts' with a default value of zero
  • As nothing ever gets added to 'attempts' variable, it will always be zero.  
  • Despite this, I set up a trigger as per your attached pic.

As I expected, this does not change anything as I have not put in any logic (e.g. to 'reset to initial state' based on the variable.  To that extent, of course, the variable has no function.

I set the quiz page to 'Reset to initial state' when revisiting, yet it seems to ignore that?


Noel Read

So when you have these slides as part of a bigger project it stops working? The functionality  on the version I uploaded works fine even if you publish the project.  

There is no reason I can think of that would stop this quiz question and the results slide from working in a larger project, unless you are adding more quiz questions in - in which case there might need to be changes made to those quiz questions. If you have this scene as is copied into a larger project this part should still work. As always, it's hard to determine what the problem might be without looking at the project and I appreciate it's not always possible to upload whole projects.

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