Quiz Reset to Inital

Sep 26, 2013

I would like to make my drop down quiz slide reset for unlimited retries.

I've set base slide to "reset to initial state", but it is not resetting.

Sample is attached.

Many thanks.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nikki,

Based on what you already had set up with your branching, what I did was set the first slide to jump to the quiz slide when the timeline starts. I then set the branching for the incorrect feedback to jump to the first slide. What you'll see ends up happening is the quiz slide gets revisited and all the questions are reset. You never actually see the first slide. 

Is that what you were looking to do? 

Nikki Lowin

My error in sending a sample. The scene is 25 slides and the drop down is number 24. Do I need to insert a blank slide before the quiz slide, set triggers and timeline as your sample indicates? I assume this blank slide will also get included in my menu, so is there a way to not include a blank slide in menu?

I also have this problem in fill in the blank questions - won't reset to initial state. Do I also add a blank slide, etc?

Is there a more efficiant way of doing this?

What is the function of ' Reset to Initial State"?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nikki,

Yes - and you can easily hide slides from appearing within the menu as described here. 

I also just replied to the post you had about fill in the blank questions here. 

The revisiting options are described here:


These options let you control how the objects on your layers behave if learners revisit the layer.

  • Automatically decide: This is the default choice, and it means Storyline will decide for you whether to resume the layer where the user previously left off or to reset the layer to its initial state when learners view the layer a subsequent time. Here's the logic: If the layer contains just simple objects and/or audio but no interactivity, Storyline resets the layer to the beginning of the layer's timeline each time the learner views the layer. But if the layer contains any interactive elements, such as buttons or any other object that includes a visited or selected state, Storyline resumes the timeline where the learner left off if they come back to the layer again. 
  • Resume saved state: Use this option if you always want the layer to resume playing where the learner last left off. 
  • Reset to initial state: Use this option if you always want the layer to reset to its initial state if learners return to it. This means any time the learner views the layer subsequent times, it'll restart at the beginning of the layer's timeline, and any interactive objects will return to their initial states.

As you've found, the reset does not always function as expected on particular quiz questions.