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Feb 12, 2020


I have an issue with own quiz template, as the incorrect feedback does not appear when I select the incorrect answer.

please take a look on the file attached and help

we have a meeting with a client tomorrow morning, your quick support is appreciated.

Thank you,

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Wendy Farmer

Then you only need to have one correct layer and one incorrect layer. See updates to your file - I only worked on the first two question slides in the quiz bank scene.  Here is a quick Peek video of it working. I highlighted the correct answers yellow for testing. In Form View, change to Feedback by Question not By Choice.

Bdor Alotaibi

Hi wendy 

Thank you so much for your help.

Can you please tell me the steps to solve this issue in a short video.

that is my first time working on the storyline.

and how can you delete the first trigger (attached screenshot)? the delete option is grey I can delete all the triggers except the first one

Thank you for your support.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Bdor,

Happy to help! First, I wanted to say thank you to Wendy as well for the excellent help she provided! 

I reviewed the sample file that Wendy shared, and I created a short video for you that will walk you through the changes that were made. You can watch that video here

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Bdor

Because you were drawing randomly from the question bank I turned off random draw and added numbers so I could test.

The quiz slides with my orange numbers 5 & 6 are corrupt - all the others work fine in preview - I haven't uploaded and checked in LMS...perhaps if you rebuild 5 & 6 and see how you go...here is a peek of the ones that are working.


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