Quiz score and completion Tracking issues when launched using iPad

Apr 11, 2014

Hi Friends,
I need your insights to solve an issue.
We are facing issues when launching courses created using Articluate storyline via the iPad. We use the SuccessFactors LMS.
Please review the points mentioned below and provide your thoughts/solutions.
Course Funcationality
1. The course is designed to have sequential navigation.
2. The course incorporates the bookmarking functionlity.
3. The course completion is tracked based on the assessments embedded in them.
All of the above worked fine when launched via desktop or laptop.
Issues faced when the course is launched via iPad.
1. Sequential navigation does not work.
2. Course does not mark complete/track score when the learner passess the assessment.
Please note that when using the iPad, courses that are published to provide completion based on the number pages, work. However, the courses do not track the score and completion when published to mark completion based on the results of the quiz. But the same quiz works fine on the desktop/laptop.
Can someone help with this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shankar and welcome to Heroes!

Sorry to have missed your post on Friday and just to be getting to it today. 

First, have you reviewed this article on troubleshooting common LMS tracking/reporting issues? I'd recommend testing your course at SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard testing method for SCORM Content to see if the behavior is any different there. 

If you're still experiencing issues in SCORM Cloud, can you tell me a bit more about how you've set up the quizzes and navigation? Are you using the iPad app or viewing the HTML5 output? If you'd like to share the .story file here with us that may also help narrow down the issues you're describing and do some further troubleshooting.

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