Quiz Score Variable Lost!


I looking for some help on a quiz scores please. 

I have attached a screen print to explain my query (blue arrows, left to right).  I call from a quiz bank (I have 4 quiz banks created) random 6 out of 12 questions (left arrow), the system then, seems to have given the variable name "Result10.ScorePercent" and "Result10.ScorePoints" - middle arrows and on the right arrow, Trigger show layer - this shows if you get more or less than 80% correct.  Question for me is, where do the variable - "Result10.ScorePercent" get created/allocated as I wish rename so that they are more memorable.

Thanks in advance for some assistance.


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Jilo Esmail

Hi Adrian

Thanks for the feedback.  

When do the variables get created I.e. I have few quiz banks for different topics and I want to know which bank produced which variable so that I can show a table of all different results from different tests (total score board) at the end of the lesson.