Quiz slide - not able to move on to the next slide as feedback layers don´t pop up in LMS

Nov 13, 2019

Hi there. I am having trouble with my quiz slides within a course.

Actually I have a scene with 4 quiz slides (multiple choice) and a result slide. Within the Preview-function of Storyline360 the quiz is working as it should. All buttons are working fine and the feedback layers pop up. 

Then I publish the course to an SCORM 1.2 file, upload it to my LMS, get to the first quiz slide and I can choose the correct/wrong answer. So far so good. But once I click on the "submit button" nothing happens. No feedback layer pops up and I am not able to move to the next question. 

The quiz-triggers seem to work as the result-points for the first question are shown on the LMS and changing my status. I am just not able to move to the next question. No matter if I use the submit button of my quiz slide or the submit button of the player. 

Seems to be no problem with my quiz-slide template as I have the same problem with quiz slides out of the offical content library. 
Also no problem with the browser as it is neither working on firefox nor Internet Explorer or Chrome. 

Any idea will be very helpful!

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Ren Gomez

Hi Dirk,

Sorry to hear that you're running into this quiz issue! Have you tried testing it in a different environment like SCORM Cloud to see if you can replicate the issue?

If it works as intended in SCORM Cloud, you may want to follow up with your LMS provider to see what could be going wrong. If you can replicate there, connect with our support engineers, and we can jump into the file to help troubleshoot!

Dirk Eilmes

Hi Ren,

thank you very much for your reply. I´ve been testing the course in SCORM CLOUD and it is working like it should. My LMS Provider says it must be an issue of the course-file as other courses are working fine.

I´ve been testing many different scenarios on the LMS (just the quizslides; just 2 of 4 questions;  ...). For a second I thought I got it, when I opened my template file (*.Story) and used the import function to add the quiz slides I build in my course. This was working. But as I was importing the other Scences and slides to the "working file" the basic issue came up again - no feedback-layer on question 1 and no way to move on to question 2 :-(

Thanks again for your help. I will now contact the support engineers!

Cheers, Dirk!

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