Quiz Template Issues

Dec 05, 2023

Hi Hero's, hoping to get some insight into what is happening with a beta quiz template. I needed a pick many template, which there are few to choose from. Slide 1.1 is the original template. When selecting option "C" it doesn't allow you to select unless you click on the "C" the other items do not behave that way. As well, when you select "C" it doesn't recognize it as a selection. Think this template has a glitch in it. 

I then modified the template 1.2 to replace the circles with images, which required, ungrouping then regrouping the items. Now when I try to use this slide, if I select "C" it de-selects "A" and visa versa, can't seem to find a way to resolve and was wondering if anyone else has come across this or knows of a solution next to building the slide by scratch. (attached story file)

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