Quiz Text Font Automatically Changed from "Articulate" to "Open Sans"

Jan 26, 2023


After a recent Storyline 3 update, I noticed that the text in "all" my eCourse quizzes automatically changed from "Articulate" to "Open Sans." I now see the "Open Sans" font used exclusively for all the text in a quiz whenever I open a new eCourse module. Can you help me understand why this happened and what I need to do to return all quiz text to the articulate font? I sure would appreciate your help here.

Thank you,
Rod Machado

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John Morgan

Hi Rod,

I'm sorry you are having this issue with your quiz font! This behavior is very strange! I created a quiz in an older version of Storyline 3 and it gives me Open Sans as the default. I tested this with version 18 of the software. Were you possibly using a different version?

The only way to switch the fonts back would be to manually change them in the Design Tab under Fonts.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for letting us know about this!