Quiz timer - timing being picked up from a different results slide

Sep 10, 2012


I have a quiz at the end of each module that isn't timed.  The final exam is timed.  Each of the quizzes have a different results slide.  When I preview and do one of the un-timed quizzes (no time set on the result slide) the timer appears and the time allowed is the same as that for the final exam (I have played around with this changing the length of time and it is definitely being picked up from here).  I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me out so I can resolve this.  I have the latest version of Storyline and don't see this listed as a known bug.  Ta!

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Stephanie Powner


Thanks Adrian, I have this sorted now.  I have a trigger on my result slide to jump to a different result slide if a condition is true (i.e. all modules of the course have been completed, so that they receive different information on their options at this point).  Even though the condition was not true and 'course complete' results slide was not being accessed, the timer setting was still being picked up and applied.  dont know if you would still want to class this as a bug, but although it's not ideal it is

Thanks again


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