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I have found varying answers to my question on here, but I wanted to get a definitive answer for my situation.

I have a module with quizzing at the end. Each question gives the learner three chances. If they answer incorrectly on the third try I want it to take them back to the slide with the relevant information. Then I would like them to be able to go directly back to the question without having to click next through all the slides in between. They have to return to the question and keep trying until they get the answer right.

I figured out how to branch it back to the relevant slide, but I don't know how to allow it to skip all the slides in between to get back to the question.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Amy,

What I would do (and I'm not sure what suggestions you've already tried/read) is create a variable. You could either adjust the variable and have the condition for "Jump to" when the user has submitted their response and the count equals "3".

So, on your question slide you could add a number variable with an initial value of "0". Trigger the variable to +Add "1" each time the user clicks on "Submit". 

On the information slide, create a new trigger that will "Jump to" the question slide if that variable is equal to "3". If it's not, then it should jump to the next slide like normal. 

Have you already tried this out, or something similar?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Amy,

Here's some examples of the variable and trigger options you can use for this:

Now, you'll want to set up the number variable (you can name this whatever you'd like) and adjust that variable with the "Submit" button on the question slide. Note, though, that you don't have to place this on the "Submit" button, you could tie this to the "Try Again" button, as well, if you'd like. 

Trigger the "Jump to" when that variable equals "3" for the attempts made and have the main slide jump to the question slide, when the user clicks "Next", with the condition for the variable applied.

I have created a quick example for you to try out. In the example, I've placed the variable count on the slide so you can see how many times the "Submit" button has been clicked on the question slide.

Another note: if you notice your question slide doesn't allow you to pick a choice upon returning, you might want to change the revisiting settings to "Reset to initial state". 

Let me know if you have any questions.