Quiz with Try again (2 attempts) and "reset to initial state"

Nov 10, 2013

Hello everyone

I need to use these 2 options with exercises :

- 2 attempts

- Reset the original question state when the learner needs to "try again".

So what I did is :

- Parameter 2 attemps in options

- Parameter "Reset to initial state" when revisiting on the exercise slide

- Use a trigger "jump to the exercise slide" with the "try again" button

So the problem is that the learner is obliged to "try again" until he answers right to the exercise, so it becomes an "unlimited attempts" exercises...

The other option is to delete the trigger "jump to the exercise slide", but it means that the previous answers won't be erased. 

I attached an example, if someone can help...

PS : I'm not english speaking native, sorry for the mistakes I probably made

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Christine Shimasaki

Hi I'm new to storyline and have created my first module attached.  I cannot get the scene 8.3 to work for me.  I want the learner to be able to attempt an unlimited number of tries but after clicking the try again trigger the previous incorrect answers don't disappear.  I really don't want to add a results slide.  Am I missing something in my settings?  I tried to add the slide layer "Try Again" but that didn't work either.

Christine Shimasaki

I'm new to storyline 2 and just created my first complete elearning module.  I copied scene 8 here.  I'd like the learner to be able to make multiple attempts but when they try again, make sure that all the boxes are unchecked.  How do I do this?  I'm trying to avoid making a new results slide.


Jacek Kuczynski

Hi guys, I know this thread is quite old but my solution would be to duplicate the Question 1 slide (e.g.: Slide 1A) and on the Slide 1 "Try Again" button set up a trigger jump to Slide 1A. This will save you resetting the states on the buttons (which would not be possible anyway if you have a group as a button). 

Rania B

I am building a customized drag and drop activity in SL 360. I want the learners to have 2 attempts, and I want the slide to reset to its initial state when the user revisits the slide. I set the question attempts to 2 and assigned the base layer to reset to its initial state.

Shouldn't this work without adding a count variable?

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Rania.

Thank you for reaching out!

The variable is used because when you have the properties set to reset to the initial state, the attempts become unlimited (every time the slide restarts, it's a new "first attempt").

Using the variable as a counter will allow you to only reset the quiz once (for a total of two attempts). 

I hope this helps!