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Good morning,

I am creating a quiz that we are using as a pilot for many of our employees.  During their taking the quiz, we will be asking for their feedback on it so we know if we need to make changes to the quiz before rolling it out to all of our employees.  Is there a way to build a survey that would run alongside the quiz?



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Dennis Hall

Hi Pam:

It looks like you may have posted this in the wrong Forum. This is the Storyline Forum.

I cannot think of any method of having a user completed a Quiz and a Survey simulatiously in any Articulate product.

These are seperate windows / processes that report different data (both type and format) to an LMS.

A possibility would be to have the user launch an external document via a link in the course (like a word document that contains the survey questions).

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall

Ok Pam:

So, if you want to create a survey in SL AND make it so the user completes each survey question as they answer each Quiz question, may I suggest displaying the survey in a Lightbox slide?

By doing this, you could place a button in each question slide that would launch the Lightbox survey and the Survey can follow along the Quiz questions.

I've attached a story to help you understand what I mean.

If this helps you with your solution, please confirm it as answered so others can learn from it.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Pam Brunton

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your reply!  I cannot open your example as it tells me that it was created in a newer version of Storyline. however I will check out  the eLearning modules on this site and see if I can find something that may walk me through how to set this up and get back to you.

I really appreciate your help!