R-ball symbol not displaying superscripted in player title/notes

Aug 29, 2014

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me out... I'm trying to get various Registered symbols to display in the player Title and player Notes sections, but whatever method i try (enter as new or copy/paste) it doesn't show them super-scripted in slide preview or published, even though they show as super-scripted on the Player/Notes stage.

Is there a workaround or am I missing an obvious step?

Thanks in advance!


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Emily Ruby

Hello Jon,

You can add the registered mark into the notes by adding it as a symbol.

Make sure your cursor is in the right spot in your notes, and click on the insert tab. Open the symbols and then select the registered symbol.

Unfortunately there is not a way to add it to the title at this time. You can submit a feature request.

Let us know if you need anything further.

Jon Verey

Thanks for replying, Emily. I did previously try adding the symbol exactly as you suggested, and applied the superscript to it. However, when I preview or publish, the symbol does not appear as superscripted.

The same is true for the title - I'm able to add the R symbol (via copy/paste) but it does not appear super-scripted on preview/publish.

I've attached an example - see Player title and Notes, with Registered symbol not appearing super-scripted.

Thanks for your help!


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