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Mar 02, 2016

Hi Guys,


I am here for the new task, I have 13 question with the 3 type of answer like I shown in the Story file.  Now the terms and conditions.

1. Submit button should be disabled till all 13 answer or radio buttons not selected.

2. How to track the correct answer if 1st question's answer is "Option 1"

2nd's option B and 3rd Option C based on that It will show feedback basic that this is correct or this is incorrect.


Thanks in advance.



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Phil Mayor

Fitting 13 on a slide is going to be difficult,

To achieve number 1 you could set it up with 13 T/F variables all set to false or number variables all set to 0, then set a trigger on each radio button to either set to True or set to 1,2, or 3. You then just need triggers (13) for when variable changes for each variable on condition all not = to F or 0. You could also just do it with conditions but variables is the easier way.

For number 2 really depends on how you need to track, if you need values for each answer in the LMS then you need 13 hidden questions.  If it only matters if they get them all correct then using a freeform pick many with button sets will give correct if all are correct and incorrect if any are incorrect.  

If you want to show ticks or crosses then create an object with a correct/incorrect state and initial state of hidden and set triggers the submit button with conditions based on selected state of each radio button.

Praveen Dixit

Thanks for Quick reply Phil!



Could you please suggest what should I select in the Highlight event. Cause, when I am inserting on the timeline starts it won't work cause it's not timeline start time. So I am stuck here how to button validate that the all 13 Variable are true and now I have to go to Normal state.


Note: In file Variable 1 to 13 name as Group1 to Group13

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