Random menu in Chrome

May 11, 2018

Hi All,

I've got an issue with the numbers in the menu showing randomly when I launch in Chrome. It launches correctly in IE and Firefox. To fix I have tried:

1) Resetting and reordering

2) Deleting the slide I suspected with the issue and inserting a new slide

3) Moving the content to a new Storyline 3 file

4) Scanning my hard drive with Articulate updater for Chrome44

5) Publishing out as a SCORM pack and testing

I have now run out of ideas. Anyone else experienced this and have a workable solution. 



Menu issue

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Bob O'Donnell

Articulate is aware of it.

This issue came up in an earlier post this week. I think the stop gap solution was to "disable the automatic numbering of entries." It seems to be linked to HTML5 and Chrome. I saw the same results you noted and also did similar tests. Its a weird bug with the numbering randomly changing as you go over the sections. Opening and collapsing the menu sections is interesting.

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