Randomised Answers also Randomise Tabbing in 360

Apr 10, 2018

In Articulate Storyline 2 you use to be able to randomise answers on question slides and the tabbing would still move through the presented answers in the order they appeared. In 360 it seems that this functionality has been removed. If the answers are not randomised then tabbing is fine but if you randomise the answers the tabbing is all over the place. Can we put the functionality that 2 did so well back into 360? Without it we will need to stop all randomisation so we can meet accessibility requirements (which is not optional in our organisation).

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Lauren Connelly

Hi William!

I might've confused your question so I'm back to clarify! Our goal was to be Flash-free by 2020. Good news, a recent update for both Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 completed that task and are now entirely flash free! You can find more information here for Storyline 3 and Storyline 360.

Your second request was an update on the bug. We are still in the finishing stages of the fix so we'll be back to share more information when it's released! We are hoping to have this fix in place early 2020. 

William Beardsley

Honestly, you cannot be FLASH free if functionality that worked in FLASH no longer works in HTML5. We will have to stick to our FLASH version of courses until this fix is in place (where those courses are affected by this tabbing issue). I'm hoping that you fix is quite early in 2020 as we have a lot of work to do to get all our courses published in HTML5 and reloaded to our LMS.

Katie Riggio

Hello, everyone!

I'm excited to share that the issue where shuffled answers caused the tab order of answer choices to behave erratically is fixed.

Bonus news: We appreciate you all continuing to share the crucial need for creating accessible content for all learners. While there is more to do, we're at a point where we're confident the work done so far delivers meaningful real-world improvements for learners with accessibility needs.

Below, you'll find all the details on what this means for Storyline 360Update 36:

Be sure to also check out these general FAQs on accessibility in Articulate 360 tools!

This release makes it significantly easier for those users to perceive, operate, and understand content published with Storyline—all while opening up more browser, assistive technology, and device choices for the first time. Learners will benefit from the vast majority of these improvements, even when the course author is not designing their course for accessibility. 

If there's anything we can help answer, please let us know. We know there is more work to do, so we'll continue to keep you updated on this topic!

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