Rapt Media - Interactive HTML5 Video...Can We Do Something Similar in Storyline?

Feb 10, 2016

Hey there!

I came across the following demo created using Rapt Media (interactive HTML5 video). It is awesome and would love to see if Storyline is capable of doing something very similar.

I have spoken with a few SL developers, and they aren't 100% sure that SL can do exactly the same thing, but could possibly do something similar. SL is still limited.


BTW - if you view this on your iPhone, the video plays "inline" on the html page vs. loading the video full screen as it does on a SL html5 page.

Would LOVE to get this discussion going!!!


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Mario Buljan

Hello Jason and all others,

I was also inspired by RAPT media Deloitte demo and I can confirm that we managed to make similar thing in SL360. We had the same problem with iPhone untill iOS 10 was released, and about 1-2 months ago SL360 was updated to support videos from going full screen.

Now we managed to achieve full compatibility on iOs and Android phones. 


P.S. Here is the link for Rapt media demo which inspired me: http://www.raptmedia.com/customers/deloitte/

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