Rating Scale with feedback

Feb 14, 2023


Working in storyline, we'd like to have a slide at the end of the training where the learner can rate the course and also provide feedback. We normally send out a separate survey, so we're wondering if we can do this in the tool BUT also receive the feedback. Can this be tied to our LMS, can something like this even be built?  I attached a pic of what we would like it to look like. 

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Lisa Kiser

Hi Judy, thank you so much for your response; awesome to know we can do this! I finally had the chance to set up the two survey questions and the survey results slide, so my additional question would be, as far as settings are concerned, what would need to be set up for the reporting and tracking options? 

Eric Santos

Hi Lisa,

I'm happy to chime in! Every LMS has its own specific options, so it would depend on what standard your LMS supports to make the best choice for your survey's reporting and tracking options.

My initial recommendation would be to test it in SCORM Cloud and make sure the survey answers are being reported the way you intend them to be:

Let me know if that helps!