Read logfile from LMS system

May 11, 2019

The end user will purchase a course from the LMS system but when the user have completed the quiz and passed with a 100% score the course should not be available for the user to start over again. Instead the user needs to purcase the course again if he or she wants to do the course again. 

The LMS provider is telling me to make the articulate Storyline course to read the LMS log file if the course is passed or not. The LMS provider is reading end quiz and update their logfile when the user passes the final quiz. 

Two questions from med to all you experts, and I hope some of you could help me. 

1. I am thinking that it should be the LMS system that hinder the user to be able to reuse a course that earlier was passed. What do you think. ? 

2. The LMS company tells me to read their log file at the beginning of the course and make a slide visible with information that he user have aleady passed the course and need to purchase it again to enroll the course. 

I have made an variable that change when user passes the quiz and in the beginning of the course I look for the variable and if the status i True this slide information is displayed over the course and the user only have the exit button. I guess this variable would be a problem also if I make to read the log file, the state would then need to change back to False.  I do not know of to make Articulate to communicate with the LMS log file either. 

Any thoughts anyone?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Terje! You've asked some excellent questions. Let's start here:

  1. You are correct – your LMS should be able to "lock out" the learner when they pass or fail the course. 
  2. When you published for LMS, what Reporting and Tracking options did you select?
    • Are you tracking the course by quiz result?
    • Did you select to report the status to the LMS as Passed/Failed?
      Reporting and Tracking Options

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