SCORM Reporting - Completed and Failed

Aug 19, 2020

Hi all,

I need your help regarding a specific request from one of my clients.

They want the course to behave like this on the platform:

  • The course reports that it is completed and failed when a user fails the test.
  • A user can attend the quiz again (an unlimited number of tries).
  • If the user passes the quiz in their X attempt, the course reports that it is completed and passed.

Is this even possible?

When I publish it with Passed/Incomplete, the course stays In Progress until the user Passes the Quiz.

If I publish it with Passed/Failed and Fail the first time, that status can't change even if I Pass in my second attempt. 

The LMS platform is LearnUpon. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Sam Hill

Your client is probably talking about SCORM 2004, maybe? SCORM 2004 can report a completion_status of “completed”, “incomplete”, “not attempted”, “unknown”, and then a success_status of “passed”, “failed”, “unknown”. SCORM 1.2 can only report a lesson_status with values “passed”, “completed”, “failed”, “incomplete”, “browsed”, “not attempted”.

I don't think it makes sense that it should be failed and completed if they want to allow users to attempt again, it sounds like it should be failed and incomplete and only completed when passed. There is a good chance when marked as completed on the LMS the user will no longer be able to change a success status or access the same attempt. I'm not 100% on that. It might just take some experimenting. I would build myself a 2 slide project with a single quiz question and publish to SCORM 2004 to test the different outcomes on the LMS. If the client can give you a few logins to play with.

Ivan Lazic

Hi Sam,

thank you so much for your prompt reply. I agree with you that it doesn't make much sense to have a failed course be completed.

Unfortunately, SCORM 2004 isn't an option, because LearnUpon allows only SCORM 1.2 and TinCan standards. 

However, I got this result on the SCORM Cloud. Meaning that this actually could be achieved. I'm just not sure if this is the option that made the change and if I can find something similar on LearnUpon. 

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