Rebuilding course in Storyline using Web Objects

I seem to be having some real struggles with this. I am trying to take this course package here: and pull the files that are in the HTML folder into Storyline as web objects. I want each html file to go on a separate slide. When I run the html file outside of storyline it looks all well and good but when I put it into Storyline it looks real messed up. Also, I'm not sure how to get every html file into Storyline if I have to rename them all to index.html.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Brandon!

I'm happy to help! Is there a reason that you aren't importing the .story files into one Storyline 360 project? Secondly, you'll need to upload the .HTML files to a web server so that you can grab the link for the web object.

I'm happy to offer additional steps after I understand the end goal.