Receiving a Failed status in the LMS when exiting the course instead of Incomplete

Jun 24, 2020

I have set the tracking to Passed/Incomplete based on the assessment results slide, but if I exit the course using an exit button prior to the assessment status sets as Failed. I can't figure out why it would be doing that, any ideas?

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Sam Hill

Hi Alicia, which version of SCORM are you outputting to? It may be that you'll need to remove the mastery score from the manifest file, as the LMS may be setting the fail status based on a score being sent to the LMS and being evaluated against a mastery score in the manifest.

I can take a look at the zip file if you like and run a test on SCORM Cloud?

Sam Hill

Hi Alicia, 

The issue is that Storyline is sending a score of "0" to the LMS prior to the quiz being attempted. The LMS then compares this score of "0" against the master score of "100" defined in the imsmanifest.xml file, and sets the fail status until a score of "100" is sent.

There is at least one way to avoid this. Once the content has been published, you need to go into the published output and open the imsmanifest.xml file and find the following line <adlcp:masteryscore>100</adlcp:masteryscore> and delete it. Then save the manifest file, zip the package an upload to the LMS.

The second option is a maybe. Some LMS have the option to ignore the mastery score (such as SCORM Cloud, Moodle and I'm sure some enterprise systems). Check with the LMS admin if this is a possibility. It just means you don't have to remember that step to edit the manifest each time you publish the module.

I'm not sure why the content sends the score of "0" before the quiz is attempted. Doesn't seem necessary to me. Attached is a corrected package.

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