Recording the user's microphone from Storyline (on iPad)

Has anyone had any experience recording from the microphone from Storyline? Specifically from an iPad?

I'm trying to allow the user to record a message on the microphone, then have it played back.

What makes it trickier, is it must be for iPad. So Flash-based web objects just don't load.

A couple of other approaches I've been looking into:

  • Using HTML5 'getusermedia'
  • Wrapping the Storyline course in PhoneGap


Has anyone got audio recording successfully working? Or have any ideas of what I can do to get it working?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeff,

It's not something I've seen out of the box in Storyline - but I know it's been discussed in a few other threads so you may want to have a look at this and this thread. Also, feel free to reach out to those individuals in the forum threads to see if they can let you know what's going on.