I am trying to do a recording of my slide so I need to see my slide in which to record the text.  The problem I am having is when I hit "record screen" it takes me to a blank screen where the recording info. is fine but my slide is blank and I have a message in the middle of the page:

1 move and resize the frame

2 click the red button to record

3 press done

It seems like everything is hooked up correctly,  snowball etc.  It also seems like a simple mistake I must be making but I can't get it. 

Can anyone advise?  Thank you all in advance!


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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Cari!

It sounds like you'lll want to open a second instance of Storyline in order to record a slide within Storyline. Automatically, when launching the built-in screen recorder, Storyline will hide itself so you can record outside of it. The 1-3 options you're seeing are the screen recorder.

Alternatively, you can launch a screen recorder from and record up to five minutes of your screen without opening a new instance of Storyline.

Hope that helps!