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Apr 14, 2015

we have a course that has a separate exam at the end. I believe it is set to 1 try per user, as we don't want people to fail it and then just try again until they pass. We would like them to be able to try again later upon further studying. How can we make this possible for a user?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Pryce

that's why in my comment above I said remove the 'retry quiz' trigger on the result slide and add a button that takes them to where you want in the content...then return them to the exam or

by separate entity are you saying your exam is not in Storyline?  Obviously I don't understand the setup.

Hope someone else can help you find a solution.

pryce wood

Sorry, I did not explain very well. What happens is the learner takes 10 separate courses with small quizzes in the courses. Once the 10 courses are complete, the learner has qualified to do the exam. The exam consists of 100 questions. There is no link to retry on the results slide of the exam. I want the user to be able to quit the exam at the end, and if they retake the exam, a few days later, I want to to be able to permit a rewrite, but at my control. I don't simply want them to go to the beginning and start over on the exam and keep going over and over until they pass. At this point the exam is set at 1 attempt.

Emily Ruby

Hello Pryce,

Do you want to limit the number of attempts they have, such as only giving one retry at a later time? This way they could not go over and over until they pass, but only have one retry. You could have a button to "retry" but maybe add a pop up that this will only happen once, then set the retry button to disable when they retry. You can do this by adding a variable to the retry button. Just a thought, not sure if it is exactly what you need. 

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