Reducing options via multiple screens

Nov 06, 2019

Hello all

I am back from some more of your amazing advice.

I would like to create a short activity where the learner needs to select 10 buttons from a screen with 100 'buttons' each with a different word. The next screen displays the 10 'word buttons' that they have selected, then they reduce to 7 then to 5 and finally to 3. 

The size of the button will increase between the first and second slides as obviously they'll need to be smaller for 100 to fit. But could then stay the same size going forward.

Any ideas how this can be acheived, relatively easily?

Thank you in advance.


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Len Hackenbroch
Matthew Bibby

It's definitely possible, but no matter how you approach it, it's going to involve a lot of triggers! 

That's what i was thinking, I was hoping someone could come up with some magical answer.

I was thinking to have 10 text variables, and the text from the 10 selected boxes added to each variable on submission of the page. But even that isn't simple, as i'd need to figure out a way to make sure each word ends up in a different variable.

Then the next slide use variable references to display that text as you say.

I've designed the boxes to be the same size but different colours to make it look nicer. There is only one single word in each box.

Looks like i'll be stuck making loads of triggers.

I never said it was an easy challenge! ;-)

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