Refreshing content using web objects?

Sep 15, 2015

Hi. I'm wondering if anyone has worked on a similar challenge to mine. I have a customer who wants us to create compliance training for policies that are updated frequently. There are about 70 policy "activities" that vary depending on an employee's role. They have this incredibly complex excel matrix to track every policy definition, where it is used, and which activity and role it relates to.

Aside from figuring out how to best structure the actual modules so they branch into role-based content - which is no small feat, I'm also trying to think of the best strategy for making sure the content can be updated as easily as possible. 

Imagine we may end up with 70 mini modules, and if a policy change happens, we'll need to update a big percentage of them. We'll need to know which to update, and I'm trying to figure a way so we're not updating all 70 manually.

So, I'm thinking. If we set up the "volatile" content on web pages. Then when we use that content in Storyline, it's presented via a Web Object that points to that web page. Then, theoretically, we could just update that web page, and any published Storyline module that references that Web Object on any particular slide or slide layer would be dynamically updated. Do you think that's a viable strategy? Any other ideas out there? How do you handle content that changes often and affects multiple slides/modules?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

I think that sounds like a viable option - and the only caveat is would be to make sure that the course is refreshed and that the user isn't accessing a cached version in their browser. Also just make sure the URL doesn't change from the one you inserted into Storyline, or else the course would need to be updated as well. 

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