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Sep 17, 2014

Hi all

I've inherited a project in which the developer has deleted the standard Continue button in the Feedback masters and replaced it with a custom button. I need to reinstate standard button. Does anyone know of a way of doing this? It's not once of the Placeholder options.

I've tried creating a new set of feedback masters but they don't seem to work.

With thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dayn,

What update of Storyline are you using? I'm using the newest update 6 - so I figured it's worth starting there.  I just tried removing the continue button place holder on my feedback masters, and when adding a new question - the continue button is still there. Which, may be what you're running into, as by default you can't modify the look but you can hide it as described here. 

You'll also want to confirm that you're working locally, as working off a network drive could be causing issues with how the file behaves. 

Dayn Wilkins

Hi Ashley

I'm using Update 6 too.

I get the same thing if I add a new question - the Continue button appears even though the placeholder for it has been deleted from the feedback master, but the project I'm working on already has the questions (lots of them!) set up and the Continue button isn't showing. Do you know of a way of getting it back without recreating all the questions?


Chad Cardwell

Dayn, Try clicking Layout on the Home tab, and then reselect whatever layout is already applied on the slide (to essentially apply it again). If that doesn't work, try picking another layout, and then change it back to what it was.

I'm using custom buttons on my feedback layers, and I've left the old placeholder buttons on the screen and just moved them off stage. I've found that on slides that use one of these feedback layouts, if I delete the auto-generated button (from off-stage), it will come back if I just reapply the layout again.

Dayn Wilkins

Hi Chad. Thanks for your reply.

I get the same thing if I just delete the placeholder (in a new file). But I think the Continue button in the actual correct/incorrect feedback layers has also been deleted for each question. I can't find a way back from that.

There is a custom continue button, so it's no problem for the learner, but the links between slides don't show up when editing which means I have long horizontal rows of apparently unlinked slides, which makes editing harder. I can temporarily add Next buttons, but the final project has a custom menu, so these will ultimately need to be switched off.

Lesson learned: never delete the auto generated continue buttons - just move them off stage.

Thanks again

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