Relative Start on Motion Path not so relative after all.

I have a motion path with a relative start point on a dial that has an offset pivot point.  I've worked this successfully in the past with SL3 where regardless of how my dial image was rotated, the dial itself moved along the motion path maintaining the state of the dial.  However, for some reason in SL360, the image used for the dial jumps to a different start point, runs the animation, then jumps to a result that is actually how/where I would have expected the image to have moved to along a smooth path. It is as though SL recognizes the start and end state of the animation, but runs everything along a motion path somewhere offset to where it should be.
Thoughts as to what is causing this?  I'm thinking it has something to do with my offset pivot (rotation) point but as I said, this wasn't an issue when I was using SL3.

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I tried his link that he sent through email and it looked good.  However, when I:

  1. Open the SL3 file in 360 - Change to Classic - and Publish... it still malfunctions. I also
  2. Opened a new SL360 file - changed to classic - imported the slides from SL3 file - and published.... same bad result.  How did Gerald get it into sl360 with a classic player and not have it continue with its bad behavior?



I decided to update recently to take advantage of all the cool new features and in hopes this had been fixed.

It hasn't. 😭

The paths in my complex dial navigation still jump around and run offset to where they should be located.

I hate the thought of rolling back to the last build where it worked which is now over a year old.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Owen!

I've looked at the file in Storyline 360 Update 37 (Build 3.37.21453.0) and Storyline 3 Update 9, and I see exactly what you're noticing! I can see how this is frustrating especially since that course is incredible! Wow! I love the language "Nothing to see here but the sharks!" 😂

Your file is still being investigated by our Engineers so I hope we can have a fix soon for you! I've updated the bug report with your recent comments so we are up to date as well.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Owen,

I see that this has come up again as you tried to help a customer here (thank you by the way).

I took a look at your support case and the associated bug reported and see that Gerald did reach out to you in June when we chatted above. 

We are able to replicate the issue, but were not able to do so in the Classic Player and had that listed as a workaround. I see that you weren't able to accomplish this solution with your file, so I'm going to share that with Gerald.

I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.