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Hello everyone!  I am using Storyline 3 to create in-class activities for our students.  They work through the material on the computer and answer questions in a manual.  Scattered throughout the material are free-form question slides.  The menu is not visible and the students can't advance until they have answered a question.  Sometimes, the students want to take notes on what they've just done on a question slide, but as soon as they click on the "continue" button on the "correct" layer, they are taken to the next slide.  I am looking for a way to stay on the question slide after a question is successfully answered.  If I make the trigger for "continue" only hide the layer, then there are no buttons and the students can't go anywhere.  I then thought that I could change the "advance to next slide" into a trigger that returns the user to the current slide.  This causes the "prev" and "next" buttons to appear and the "prev" button works to go back, but the "next" button doesn't do anything.  Anyone have any ideas how to get that "next" button to work?  I have uploaded a three slide very simplistic "quiz" with the settings just described.  The menu is active in this quiz so that you can navigate between slides.  Thanks much! - Eva

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, please see attached file.  I edited your file, here is what I did (on Q1 and Q2):

  1. Renamed the slides, they were all named the same so it is easier to make unique names so you can tell what to target in the triggers. (I am sure you did this quick so wasn't concerned about that, but that helps)
  2. Added the Next button on each slide using the Gear icon, lower right, and put the target page where it should go to. (I like to implicitly set vs. default "next slide".
  3. Added a trigger to hide the Next button initially when the timeline starts.
  4. On the "Correct" layer.
    1. Added a trigger to hide the Submit button on Continue button click.
    2. Removed the trigger that jumped to next slide.
    3. Added a trigger to change the Next button to Normal so they can now click when they want.

Hope that helps and answers your questions! ;0)

Eva Horne

Hi Jeff!

This works great for going forward, but I would also like the students to be able to go back and forth when they finish and if I add the "prev" button with the same triggers as you did for "next" (using "hidden" was brilliant by the way.  I smacked myself in the head for not thinking of it), that also works, but only for going backwards.  Any time a slide is revisited for a second time, all the buttons are hidden.  I tried a "change the state to normal when the timeline starts" with the condition "If attempt count is greater than 1" (which is the only condition available), but there are still no buttons when you go back to the slide.  I would like for the next and prev buttons to stay as they do when a quiz is finished and you can go back and forth to review your answers.  I've attached the file again with those changes.  Any ideas?

"Resume saved state" on revisit doesn't help and "Reset to initial state" causes the submit button to reappear and the student would have to answer the question again.

Thanks very much for your help!


Jeff Forrer

Hello. Thanks for your comments. I was thinking this was a quiz so that they would not have a prev button.  Are you planning on making your own custom quiz, or using built-in one (i.e. so users can review answers).  I ask because starting with what you are planning on going with would be good.  Also, are you going to have a menu as in your file that allow them to click to specific questions?  Thinking not, but just checking.  I want to make sure to help you with your final solution, just want to make sure we have it as close as the final product to do so.  Make sense?  :0) Thx.

I also see you have removed the feedback layers for Q1.  Is this intentional?


Eva Horne

Hi Jeff!  No, this isn't a quiz, it's more like a tutorial with questions built in.  There will be one to several informational slides, then a question, then more informational slides, and a question.  So I want students to be able to navigate back through the material to check something if they want to without having to reanswer questions as they go forward again.  Since it's a tutorial and the questions are often important, many students are frustrated that they have to move to the next slide then back again in order to record the answer to the question.  This is especially true if there's a question on the next slide (which sometimes happens) or if it's a set of review slides with questions on each. 

I actually think we just figured it out.  I had a colleague stop by my office while I was sending my last message to you and explained it to him (he also does some Articulate for his class and this is something we've both been trying to figure out for a while).  He suggested using a variable to count how many times a slide has been visited and then set the "change state to normal" trigger to "when variable is greater than 1".  We've done this before to navigate around through slides and that seems to have worked.  I've attached the file again, this time with variables (which I've left visible for this) on the question slides and with an informational slide between each question.  It seems to work fine. 

Unfortunately, our tutorial material is behind a password, but if you're curious here are some of the public things I've done for the class (though these are mostly all question slides): , and this is a game that I made for my upper level Animal Behavior class that uses variable counts to choose which slide to go to:

Thank you very much for your help.  Without that tip to make the buttons hidden, we'd have never figured this out!