Remembering states from previous slides

Aug 12, 2013

Hi All

Does anyone know if this is possible?

I have delivered a course with a text box that can be hidden or shown by clicking a button, this was recieved well from our client but one of their comments was for the state to be remembered moving through the course. So if on slide 1 the text box was hidden slide 2 would also have to be hidden but if on slide 2 the state changed to normal then the text box on slide 3 would have to be normal.

I have attached an example of the text box if anyone is up for the challenge 

Thanks in advance


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Luke Dart

Hi Harri,

Thanks for the reply but my main struggle is getting the variable to work throughout the course, I didn't want to put the variable into my example as I didn't want people to get hung up on something that (currently) doesn't work.

If anyone can push me in the right direction that will be a fantastic help. 

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