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Tom Kuhlmann

You can remove those buttons in the slide properties of the slide. Go to the slide settings (gear icon bottom right) and you'll see player controls. Deselect them.

If you want to remove them from all slides, you can go into story view, select multiple slides and turn off the buttons.

Another option is to go into the master slide and create a trigger to hide the buttons when the timeline starts. All of the slides with that template will have the trigger. 

Louisa Antoine

Hi Tom,

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly. Even though I have unticked the options in slide settings, it still doesn't remove the next and previous buttons from review mode. From what I can see in a previous thread, showing next and previous is the default setting when in review mode which can't be changed. 

I haven't tried hiding them by using a trigger as I have managed to achieve what I wanted by switching the player off entirely. 

Thanks once again.