Remove the pause and play functionality from a mp4 video

Sep 19, 2019

Is there any way to remove the pause and play functionality from a mp4 video. I have found three ways to make this work, but it will require a bit of work.

1) Use a transparent shape over the videos

2) Use a Hot spot over the video

3) set the video to go when triggered, and create a trigger set to the time the video appears on screen.

I have many many videos on a complex show that I will need address this issue on. I thought I would see if there is something I am missing before I begin the process. I have a few more things I can work on while waiting your answer.   Thanks.

Joe Shultheis

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Jothan Sargent

Hi Joe,

If I understand your question correctly you want to remove the ability to play/pause the video by the user by clicking on the video. So I'm also assuming you want to hide the controls for the video which you can do by selecting Show Video Controls: None in your video options. Also in the video options if you select Play Video: When triggered, then the user can't click on the video to play/pause the video and it is up to you then to set a trigger to start playing the video.

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