Video Build in Camtasia Won't Auto Replay

Sep 18, 2014


I have several Camtasia video clips that live on layers and are accessed via a menu on the base layer. The videos play as they should when the time line starts on the layer. However, if the video completes, and the viewer tries to access the video again, the video will not replay. The seek bar is set back to 0:00, but the video control is still on pause, and clicking the pause button or timeline does not start the video.

Here are knowns:

  • The Camtasia videos are produced as MP4 Files without the Camtasia player.
  • The videos replay properly when revisiting the layer with an MP4 file that was not produced in Camtasia.
  • I get the same result weather or not I add a trigger to play the video to start when the timeline starts.
  • I get the same result regardless of how I set the play video settings in Storyline's video options.

It seems to me that something about the way the Camtasia file is produced is interfering with Storyline's video player.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


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Adam Mac

I was able to replicate what you've described, as all my videos are created in Camtasia.

*only occurred when I set Revisiting to "resume saved state"

I would suggest the following as solutions:

Option 1

Create a custom Replay button to trigger when media completes.

Optional - could scrap the player controls and just build custom play/pause buttons.

Option 2

Set Revisiting to "reset to initial state"

Option 3

Video will play if user moves the slider instead of clicking play/pause (odd that it acts in this way), so could provide them with instructions.

Personally, I prefer not to embed videos in Storyline as it bloats the file size, and I am not fond of the player controls (and lack of full screen option). I instead leverage them as web objects, and use the Camtasia player controls which allow for full screen. I've found layers and web objects unfriendly in SL1 (though I understand SL2 solves this issue) so this may not be a great suggestion for you.

However I have recently been testing videos hosted to Vimeo which provides embed codes which will work in SL - this provides the aesthetics and functionality I'm after - though you'll lose some ability to control the user interactions via triggers with these methods if that's of concern.

Scott Kaye

Hmm, sorry. I didn't extensively test it. If you think the problem is with the camtasia videos only you can re-encode them. There was a free deal on a video encoder I saw today....

Adam's solutions will also all work. 

I have personally found that putting lots of slide layers for one slide results in something very different than in adding a whole bunch of different slides. Personally I would try and lightbox the videos. Not sure if it would work better, but it is easy enough to try. I can mock it up for you if it helps.

Victoria Wentz

Thanks, Scott.  I'll check out the encoder.  

Oddly, using the seek bar the way Adam suggested in inconsistent as well.  We clearly have a bug on our end that I need to address.  At least I know I'm not missing something super basic.  You've brought up a good point with the layers.

Thanks for offering to build out a mock up of the lightbox.  We have mocked them up in the past, but prefer not to use them because there are so many videos I think it makes the whole experience feel less fluid.  We may just need to stop using Camtasia for editing them, because that seems to be the crux.

Thanks again for your help.

Victoria Wentz

Hey, Adam.

Thanks for your suggestions as well.  The slides were set to reset to initial state - nothing seems to be working consistently to we will have to keep thinking of a new workaround.  Camtasia seems to be the issue as all other videos work fine.  Perhaps Storyline 2 will work differently.

I really appreciate your input.  If I find a solution that works consistently, I'll be sure to let you all know.


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