Removing alt text from image in media library

Sep 11, 2023

I know we can edit the alt tag of an image in the media library and use it to change the alt tag globally if that image is used multiple times, but is there a way to remove/disable the alt tag (so it is not picked up by a screen reader) globally? 

Situation, I created a custom back and next button, pasted an arrow inside of the state of a rectangle but forgot to remove the alt tag, now it is on each page and the only way I can see to edit it is to edit the states of both buttons, select the arrow and disable the alt tag for each instance. 

The arrow does show up in the library with an appropriate usage count, just no way to disable the alt tag that I can see? 

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Garry Motto


Thanks for getting back to me on this, might I suggest the development team ad this to their list of things to change as it sure would come in handy and save a lot of time.  Having the same checkbox available in the media library that we do when we open the accessibility window would be great.