Removing borders on a web object (published in Storyline)

Aug 26, 2013

I made a few short demos built in Storyline that I inserted as web objects into another Storyline slide. The demos need to fit inside the final project window so I made them small, turned off all the player features & made the player transparent. 

What I want is for the web objects (which open inside the slide) to take up as little real estate as possible. But I'm still getting a white border around them.  Is there a way I can make the background color transparent also?

See below how the window in the center has a white border:I also tried a few tricks discussed here but I'm not certain this is what I need:

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Brent  Raper

Thanks Leslie, but my problem isn't with adding web objects per se. I created a demo in Storyline to be used as a web object to fit inside a slide in my main project. When publishing the demo, I made the player transparent but I'm still getting a border. My demo is 450x600 but the web object needs to be 474x632 to display the demo without scroll bars. I suspect that it's the page background in the transparent player that is creating the border. I want to know if I can remove (or make transparent) the page background in a Storyline player.  Or is there another way to tweak the margins?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brent! I wasn't sure if allowing your web object to present in a new window where you had more control of the features would help you accomplish your goal is why I shared that link.  

I searched around, and you found the best link for what you are trying to do. It does sound like what you need, but if changing the standard settings as Jeannette's instructions show do not work for you, then you're getting into changing our published output which is not something that I can support.

If you would like to share your .story file here I can try to take a look or perhaps someone in the community has a better solution that they have found.

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