Web Object audio not playing

Oct 24, 2013

I made some screen recordings using Storyline, added narration then published them. Then I added them to my primary Storyline project as web objects - they play inside pop-up windows on layers. They look & sound fine but when I publish the whole shebang for some reason the narration doesn't play in those web objects. The audio plays fine in the original published screen recordings but when I publish (or preview) the web objects the narration is missing. Any ideas why this would happen?    

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Brent  Raper

Well, this was a head scratcher, but I managed to get it fixed. My general rule of thumb is to retrace my steps and republish. This project went through lots of edits and something must have got corrupted in the process. So I moved my web objects to another folder and re-attached them. Viola! Audio is loud & clear and problem solved. 

To clarify for future reference: I was doing all my work on a local drive. I created screen recording demos using Storyline, added narration, published them into a folder (also local) and created web objects in my main project linking to the demos. I used web objects because I needed for my demos to play inside pop-up layers as part of a drag & drop interaction - so I recorded them smaller than my project story size. Initially the web object narration didn't publish into the final project. But after changing the links & reattaching the web objects it published correctly.     

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