Removing the Next button from last slide in Quiz Review

Sep 18, 2015

How can I delete the NEXT BUTTON in the last slide in QUIZ Review. It takes the user nowhere.

Next button takes user nowhere

This is the only setting in slide property:

Thanks your for your help.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gonzalo!

When learners review a quiz, they'll see Articulate Storyline's built-in Prev and Next buttons in the lower right corner of the player—even if you've disabled them throughout your course. See this article for more information. The next button on the last question slide should be taking the learner to the Results Slide correct?

Gonzalo Rosetti

Thank you Leslie for the info. That was the article I read before posting.

The built-in Next button in the last slide does not seem to have any trigger, so it takes the learner nowhere. If it took the learner to the Results Slide would be Ok.

The Prev button in the first slide, it does take the learner to the Results Slide.


Gonzalo Rosetti

I have sent it because there's an issue with the colour of lightboxes. (Case #00647009) (see post). 

Will you please check with Eloisa Garcia (I dropped both questions) if she will take take of both the lightboxes and the next button issues?

Otherwise, I can submit it again. In that case, will you let me the private link because it is proprietary?

Then, I will be happy sharing the feedback in case others have the same issue.

Thank you!

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