Renaming slides?

1. I have a current scene (title: X) that I open
2. Copy two slides from, paste them into a new scene
3. I then rename the new scene (A), and Save As under the new name (A)
4. Publish to SCORM as A
5. Upload to LMS as A
6. Where is shows under the original name (X)
What do I have to do to strip the old name (X) from the file in order to have it show in my LMS under the new name (A)?

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Klay Dyer

Player settings were fine, Brian. When tried to publish, the problematic title X was there. I changed it to A, published, exported as SCORM, uploaded to LMS, and viola, X was in place again. At some point, I think I have to change the name of the project file, but I am very open to other suggestions.