Replace image once to change its multiple occurences

Apr 20, 2015

Hello, been a long time...

I'm (re)working on a project split in multiple parts (say 20 .story files).

I need to change a picture in all those files. As it's the background of a top, foreground menu bar, it's been copied in every single slide of each file.

As Storyline has no library, I cannot update picture once for each .story file.

To make matters worse, Storyline "knows" this picture is unique because it appears only once as a swf in the output folder.

So, is there any workaround to dozens of "change picture" ?

- update and publish only one file and then find and replace the swf with the new swf-picture in any other published story folders

- explore .story source file and replace picture resource (have yet to find a way !)

- ???

Thanks !


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Pierre Jouan

If you just need to swap picture in the published output and don't need to alter content, here's what you can do :

- open a copy of your story file and change picture in one slide

- publish to a new folder

- open story_content folder of the newly published project and find the swf file that contains the new picture

- in your previous published project, find the swf that contains the "old" picture, copy its name. Rename the new swf and overwrite the old one with it. You should get picture swapped everywhere.

It works for me because both pictures have the same size.

Eitan Teomi

that is a great workaround, but honestly - a list view of assets is actually (ahem) pretty basic to ask for a software of this caliber (and price). Especially since we are all wanting to create nice looking projects with a big visual impact. We all know how creative keeps changing all the time (hence this is a rudimentary feature in pretty much any Adobe product)...



Tony Konig

The time it took you to tell him to submit his own request could have been spent just sending it to your developers. 

This is your company model: we, the frustrated users have to go elsewhere and spend more time requesting enhancements that we've outlined clearly here. 

I refuse on principle because you should care enough about making your software work that you submit the changes yourselves. Every time we users don't submit the change request, our voices are unheard by the developers, and your software continues to fail to do what most users would often agree it should.  For years, I've never seen an enhancement that satisfied a problem I've had with your software.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tony,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your candid thoughts.

We agree with you and have worked to better this process for our users. We've come a long way in two years :)

I'd even like to share some information we shared over a year ago:

We're super excited about the features that we've been adding to Storyline.  If you take a quick look at the version history of Storyline 360 compared with the version history of Storyline 2, you'll see a pretty remarkable evolution in the pace and volume of new features these past 6 months!

We expect that new model to continue, including a major release with some much anticipated features and bug fixes before the end of this quarter.  Keep an eye on our What's New, What's Next page for frequent previews.

We understand that the features we build won't always align perfectly with the features you think are important.  Prioritizing what's most valuable is one of the hardest things to do, and here's a peek at how we try to make those decisions.

Keep an eye out for more exciting features soon!

That said, we do submit many of the feature requests for customers as long as we fully understand the demand, the need, and the use-case. Personally, if I do not understand all of those things, I will still request for them to submit directly so that no important aspect is missed or poorly communicated.

I see a few posts from you this month:

Have I missed anything? I'd be happy to be sure that these are submitted to the team and that the conversations you have posted on are attached so that you will be notified when we have any updates to share.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pierre, 

I wanted to let you know that Storyline 360, build 3.24.17733.0 is available today, and I hope you find the latest feature valuable. Here's the snippet mentioned in the Version history: 

  • Manage all the assets for your project in one place with the media library. Easily add, remove, replace, reuse, and export images, characters, audio clips, and videos. See every slide and layer where an asset is used and jump to each location instantly. You can even edit assets with third-party apps and save your changes directly to Storyline

Please keep the feedback and ideas coming! 

Boston Cooper

Is in the interfase when you access the media library whithot selecting any image.

In a case when you have the same image inserted in several slides:

1.- Without selecting any image

2.- Top Menu Select "View"

3.- Then "Media Libarary"

4.- Selec the image you want to update

5.- At the right buttom corner is a small icon with a green arrow, when you hover over it says "Replace"

6.- Select the image you want to replace (make sure it has the sam size)

7.-  Vua-lá