Replacing screen in Storyline Record Screen demo

Nov 12, 2019

Hi everyone

We have created some training system demos using Storyline 360 and I was wondering what people do when a system change happens i.e. a button colour changes/removed etc. Is there an easy way to replace the screen in a recording? If so, what are you doing to replace the screen? 

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Sanchin,

Thank you for reaching out! 

A workflow that I think will help is to record a new screen-recording that includes the new button and enter that screen-recording as a new scene in your course:

Then from Story View, you can drag and drop the new slide into the previous screen-recording scene and delete the old slide you want to replace: 

I am hoping that others in the community can share additional insights on this as well! 

Sachin Taank

Hi Vincent

Thanks so much for this. Really helpful. So basically, the resolution is to re-record and replace. Which seems like the logical thing to do really.

I'd be keen to hear what others are doing too. Its definitely something that would come up when we have amendments to our training screens as we wouldn't want our training to become obsolete. A really big help, thank you again.

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