Replay issue on navigating to previous screen on iPad.

Jul 09, 2013

Hello Team Articulate,

While testing a course on iPad [story_html5.html] we noticed that on navigating ahead by clicking the NEXT button and then navigating back to the PREVious screen, the audio and screen is not resetting – and this is not consistent.

At times the previous screen resets [replays] and at times it plays from where the learner skipped the screen to move ahead earlier. This issue is there if we test story_html5.html on PC as well.

All 3 options to set revisit – Resume saved state/Reset to initial state/Automatically decide – are giving same result with story_html5.html.

But story.html do not have this issue on both PC and iPad [using Articulate Player].

I am attaching a sample with this note. Please advise us whether this issue can be resolved and if yes, how.

Thank you


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Sinchu Raj

HI David

We are using latest updated storyline version(version 3). "Reset to initial state " option is not working properly in html5 output. issue is not only in the project what we are working. its kind of a global bug. is any way we can fix this issue ?. please don't tell us to wait till next update. we need a quick solution and can you connect up with peter , there are many issues that  i have already discussed with him but no updates .

Asish Menon

Hello David,

Thank you for the support. We are using Storyline Update 3.

story.html is working fine on both PC and iPad.

story_html5.html is throwing the bug - of not replaying the screen consistently from the beginning on clicking the previous button.

Please guide us on this. We have another query on the Menu functionality; i am posting another note - requesting your guidance on that aspect as well.

best regards,


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