Replay Layer Animation HOW? (without slidebar)

Jan 22, 2015

I have a base slide that triggers 4 separate layers, each with a series of animations ( images & text). I would like to allow the participant to REPLAY the layer directly from the layer itself.* Is there any trigger that can do this?

Using a seek bar works but you have to set the properties to "allow seeking' in order for the replay button ( at the end of the seek bar) to work. Not wanted since people can skip thru the layer.

IS there a way to trigger only that replay button or perhaps moving the entire seek bar off screen?? ( is there any JavaScript that can initiate the same replay function?

Can the seek bar be added only to the layers (not the base slide)?-Not to my knowledge.....

*- the base slide buttons that trigger the layers have visited states  to create an order to their appearing & functioning, So to merely return to the base slide from the layer to initiate a replay of the layer is NOT an option as it would disrupt the entire design of the base slide.

Any replies would be GREATLY appreciated!!




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Stephan Sinka

I found this post... it doesn't seem to work. Hoped I could merely point a trigger back to the same layer and restart the timeline...but I must have missed something. Food for thought though!

·         How to use "Show layer" trigger to replay a layer that is already displayed

By default, a "Show layer" trigger will not replay a layer that's already displayed. 
To get a "Show layer" trigger to replay a layer that's already displayed, make the following change to that layer's properties:

  1. In Storyline, select the layer in the Slide Layers panel in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Click the gear icon (the Properties button) for that layer.
  3. Mark the “Hide slide layer when timeline finishes” box.
  4. Click OK.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephan, 

It looks like the link to that other thread didn't come through - but to answer a few of your other questions, there is no way to only have a seekbar on the layer. In regards to the Javascript, I'll have to defer to the community on that - but I hope someone is able to pop in here and offer you some assistance! 

David Breen

Not sure if this is of use to anyone but I was creating a scene where on screen load a primary animation plays which tells you to click the play button to watch a demonstration video. My secondary animation is a slide layer. My goal was to accomplish this..

1. click the play button  2. play the secondary animation  3. Click the play button again and only have the secondary animation play.

Since there doesn't seem to be a replay Slide Trigger in SL3 I tried to improvise. I could have the button Jump to New Slide and simply direct it to reload itself but that meant watching the primary animation over again which I didn't want.

A work around is simply placing multiple triggers on the same Play Button. Basically a combination of  the items listed below. *Note on the Slide Layer (my secondary animation) I have set to Pause at the very beginning so it doesn't play while my Primary animation does.

1. Resume timeline on (Slide Layer) when user clicks playButton

2. Hide layer (Slide Layer) when user clicks playButton

3. Show layer (Slide Layer) when user clicks playButton

4. Resume timeline on (Slide Layer) when user clicks playButton

Just make sure your Slide Layer is set to Reset to initial state.

Not an ideal method but it seems to do exactly what I wanted it to.

Walt Hamilton

"Not an ideal method but it seems to do exactly what I wanted it to."


"exactly what I wanted it to do" is the definition of ideal in this business, unless you are lazy and want "exactly what I wanted it to do without me having to do any work."

Remember, it is all smoke and mirrors, and what counts is what the learner sees in the end.

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